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Patent Strategy

Drafting a comprehensive patent application is both a skill and an art. Proper planning will ensure you save time and money. Prior to drafting the patent application, you will work closely with our technical writing specialists and legal team to determine how to get the best protection for your invention.


Patent Writing

Our specialists will work with you to identify each and every component of your invention. They will write a detailed document explaining how these individual components contribute to the functionality of your invention.

Patent Drawings

Drawing for patent applications is a specific skill set that requires a deep understanding of the patent system and what exactly a patent examiner is looking for.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has numerous, specific requirements for patent drawings, and patent examiners are not shy about rejecting drawings that don’t meet those requirements. Our specialists have backgrounds in product design and computer drafting, so we get it right the first time. Our specialists will help develop illustrations that serve as a visual demonstration of your invention.



Prior to filing your patent application, the registered patent attorneys at White and Williams LLP are available to closely examine all aspects of the application. The attorneys at White and Williams LLP can provide feedback and suggest revisions to improve the strength of the application, and can draft patent claims to ensure your invention is covered.

Your idea deserves maximum protection, and filing a patent application isn’t simple. Working with experienced patent attorneys with science and engineering degrees from a reputable law firm ensures that you are putting your best foot forward. There are legal limits to what you can do to fix a patent application after you file it.


Specialized attention

We work with you every step of the way. We make time to answer your specific questions and address your concerns. We don’t nickel and dime you along the way. One flat fee gets you unlimited access to us throughout the process, and covers all the basic USPTO filing fees for small entities.


Work with inventors

At the core of Christie Street is a team of inventors just like you. We understand the creative process and the importance of each and every step. We are passionate about building things, and we recognize that protecting inventors means fostering innovation.


Quality you can trust

A patent can protect your most valuable asset – your idea. Benefit from working with our technical writing specialists and registered patent attorneys at White and Williams LLP.